Inclusive Education in Buenos Aires and Bogota

Professor Lorraine Graham from MGSE and Dr Anne Bellert from Southern Cross University presented a masterclass on Inclusive Education at Austral University in Buenos Aires, and together with Dr Lisa McKay-Brown delivered a conference keynote at Gimnasion Feminino in Bogota.



Inclusive Education and Sustainable Learning in Ecuador


Sustainable Learning is an approach to inclusive practice that underpins a partnership between the University of Melbourne, the Ministry of Education in Ecuador and the Australia-Latin America Training Academy (ALATA). During 2018 and 2019 the ‘Inclusive Education and Sustainable Learning’ project will provide face-to-face and online professional learning for 11,500 teachers to benefit 432,000 students.

Professor Lorraine Graham and Dr Lisa McKay-Brown of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, key members of this project, delivered a five-day professional learning workshop for 250 teachers from the highlands and Amazon regions of Ecuador. Participants from this workshop are currently completing a 12 week online learning course. Then, beginning in July 2019, each of these ‘teacher tutors’ will support a group of 25 teachers through a 13-week online course on ‘Inclusive Education and Sustainable Learning’.

Sustainable Learning is an approach to inclusive practices for 21st century classrooms organised around the importance of learning for all, teaching that matters, and learning that lasts. It promotes effective teaching, assessment, feedback and differentiation practices.



Wellbeing and Positive education

Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Associate Professor Peggy Kern were invited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai to conduct a workshop in Dubai.

Dr Peggy Kern has also delivered a Positive Education course at Kanzawa Institute of Technology in Japan.

Group-Peggy Kern and Dianne.JPG


21st Century masterclasses

Sandra Milligan Singapore_China.JPG

Associate Professor Sandra Milligan delivered a 21st century skills masterclass in Singapore and China to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education Alumni. Dr Claire Scoular delivered another masterclass in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina for teachers with the Omar Dengo Foundation.