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Redmond Barry
Distinguished Professor Lyn Yates

Professor Lyn Yates joined the Faculty of Education in 2005 as Foundation Professor of Curriculum, following positions at La Trobe University and University of Technology Sydney. She has an eminent international reputation for her contributions to the sociology of knowledge, to studies of inequality, education and gender, and is widely regarded as the leading curriculum scholar in Australia. She was Associate Dean (Research) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and then served as Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) for the University of Melbourne from 2007 to 2013. She is a former President of the Australian Association for Research in Education, elected fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Science (2011), and served on the Australian Research Council College of Experts (2002-2004), and the executive of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association. Beyond her formal leadership roles, Lyn has been a generous mentor and supervisor for many, and a tireless advocate for educational research. 



Redmond Barry
Emeritus Professorship Johanna Wyn

Professor Johanna Wyn was the Director of the Youth Research Centre from 1992–2017, and for 27 years she was leading developments in the field of youth studies. Johanna’s service to the University of Melbourne was recognised in 2017 by the award of a Redmond Barry Distinguished Professorship. The international impact of Johanna’s work is recognised by her Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences of Britain, the Academy describing her as ‘a leading sociologist who has pioneered new approaches to the study of youth and young adulthood which have had a major influence on researchers in Australia, Europe and North America’.

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Chair of Arts Education
Professor Susan Wright

Professor Susan Wright has led in the field of arts education at the University of Melbourne for three decades as the Chair of Arts Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and as the Director of the Melbourne UNESCO Observatory.

Susan’s international career in higher education spans 30 years since completing her PhD in 1987, where the impact of her practice and research has been felt globally through her leadership in the arts. The focus of Susan’s teaching, research and service has been on the learning of young children through artistic domains. She has been particularly interested in the embodied, cognitive and emotional processes of children which are mediated through symbolic representation using artistic tools.



Professor Stephen Dinham OAM, Associate Dean (Strategic Partnerships and Engagement)

In 2011 Professor Dinham was appointed as Foundation Chair of Teacher Education and Director of Learning and Teaching in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.  While Professor Dinham was the Director of Learning and Teaching at the Graduate School, he initiated the popular evidence-based degrees Master of Instructional Leadership in 2013 and the Master of Clinical Teaching in 2015.

He has conducted a wide range of research projects in the areas of educational leadership and change, effective pedagogy/quality teaching, student achievement, postgraduate supervision, professional teaching standards, teachers' professional development, middle-level leaders in schools, and teacher satisfaction, motivation and health. He led the $3.2m Commonwealth Project Reconceptualising Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Programs. The project findings were published as Reconceptualising Maths and Science Teaching and Learning in 2018. He also led a University of Melbourne team that undertook the “I’m the Principal” - Principal Learning, Action, Influence and Identity study.

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Education Librarian Appy Laspagis

Appy Laspagis, who has been the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s wonderful, faithful, always helpful and supportive, education librarian for many years, retired in 2018.