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Launch of the Melbourne Disability Institute

The new Melbourne Disability Institute, housed within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, was launched in May last year by the former Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis.

Established by the University of Melbourne, the Melbourne Disability Institute (MDI) is building evidence for transformation by facilitating interdisciplinary research to improve the lives of people with disability, carers and families.

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The Smith Family Partnership

The Smith Family is an outstanding organisation making a significant difference to the lives of many Australian families and to young people in particular. The University has held a formal partnership with The Smith Family for several years, which was previously hosted by the Social Equity Institute. The hosting of this agreement is now with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and the Melbourne Education Research Institute will take the lead in enabling this most valuable partnership.


University of Melbourne Network of Schools

The University of Melbourne Network of Schools (UMNOS) is an important collaborative partnership between the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) and a wide range of schools in Victoria. In 2019 MGSE will begin extending the reach of UMNOS as increasing demand from interstate, from remote areas and from overseas has shown that this is a valued initiative. The essential elements of UMNOS will remain - the partnership with the University, the trusting and challenging relationships between schools and the powerful support from critical friends.



Alumna Dr Lynne Kelly presents at TedX Melbourne

Master of Education Alumna Dr Lynne Kelly presented a Ted Talk which reflected on her work on the ‘memory code’, and how ancient civilisations, whose elders had encyclopaedic memories for things like flora and fauna; built complex memory tools into their environments, familiar to us in Neolithic structures like Stonehenge and the Easter Island statues. Kelly has a vast background in engineering, physics, mathematics, information technology and gifted education and has spent decades in teaching.


Journal of Artistic and Creative Education celebrates 10 years

The Journal of Artistic and Creative Education JACE is an inter/cross/multidisciplinary journal in its reflection of teaching and learning contexts in the arts, and seeks to present a range of artistic and creative education practices. It has been a space for educators, practitioners and researchers to create, evaluate, analyse and hypothesise issues in artistic and creative education in a range of educational contexts internationally for over ten years.

JACE is now a fully-fledged Open Access journal and, thanks to the support of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, it is now hosted by the Open Journal Systems.



2018 Arts Education Colloquium Series

No Fixed Address
Contemporary Indigenous Music

As part of the 2018 Arts Education Colloquium Series Australian Aboriginal reggae rock group No Fixed Address were invited for a performance and discussion. Contemporary Indigenous music powerfully communicates the stories, aspirations and dreams of Indigenous Australians. It serves as a vehicle for Indigenous communities to address critical social issues, such as the Stolen Generation and land rights. Contemporary Indigenous music is culturally rich, musically significant and is influential in shaping broader Australian popular music.

The original band members Bart Willoughby (drums, vocals), Ricky Harrison (rhythm guitar, vocals), Les Graham (lead guitar) and John Miller (bass) have reformed and started touring the country with plans to record a new album. The colloquium was broadcast by radio 3CR.