Talking Teaching

Professor Maxine McKew

In May 2018 a new podcast series called Talking Teaching was launched, hosted by Honorary Enterprise Professor Maxine McKew, with assistance from Kerry Elliot and Sophie Murphy. Since last year Talking Teaching has reached an international audience and the episodes have been downloaded and listened to 17,907 times. Each podcast features lively conversations about effective classroom practice and the latest in educational thinking featuring interviews and stories from practitioners and leading thinkers.

17.9 K
Total Listens
in 2018


Episode 1

John Hattie, Peggy Brookins, HALTS teachers, Noel Creece and Wesley Imms

In this episode of Talking Teaching we focus on the national teaching standards that are validated by the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). In particular AITSL's chair Professor John Hattie looks at the way Highly Accomplished teachers are using their networks to spread the word about high-impact teaching practice. We also hear from his U.S. counterpart Peggy Brookins who describes the way national standards apply across the American states.



Episode 2

In conversation with Eddie Woo

Episode Two of Talking Teaching features a lengthy interview with the maths teacher behind Woo Tube, the dynamic communicator Eddie Woo. With an audience in the hundreds of thousands that stretches way beyond his home school of Cherrybrook High in Sydney, Eddie has a down-to earth approach to technology, seeing it merely as an amplifier.



Episode 3

In conversation with Katherine Henderson, Dr Geoff Masters and David Baker

Presenter Maxine McKew talks to leaders from across the school sector, including University of Melbourne Network of Schools (UMNOS) founder Katherine Henderson. We discuss the power of school networks and the value of coming together to exchange ideas. We also chat with Dr Geoff Masters, CEO of the Australian Council for Education Research, who argues its time to move away from year or age-based learning to one based on proficiency.



Episode 4

IN CONVERSATION WITH Jim Watterston AND Mark Scott on gonski 2.0

Talking Teaching dives into a lively discussion with Dr Jim Watterston, Dean MGSE and Mark Scott, Director General, NSW Education Department about the value and messages contained in Gonski 2.0 – Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools.



Episode 5

Jo Boaler, Michaela Epstein and Michelle Fry on Maths Education, and Saudi Arabia's bold new education reforms

Sophie Murphy interviews Stanford University’s Jo Boaler who argues that the latest neuroscience explains what she has always argued – that anyone can do maths. Kerry Elliott talks to Michaela Epstein and Michelle Fry about how online maths learning is engaging students and producing impressive results. Maxine McKew talks to some of the key players involved in the radical educational reforms being undertaken through the extraordinary partnership between the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and Saudi Arabia.



Episode 6

Stephen Dinham and john goh on What it takes to be a good principal

In this episode of Talking Teaching Stephen Dinham and John Goh talk to Kerry Elliott about the qualities and skills needed to be an effective instructional leader. Both agree that central to the job is an ability to facilitate teaching and learning.



Episode 7

Glyn Davis and the joys of teaching

In this episode of Talking Teaching Maxine McKew talks with Professor Glyn Davis who has just completed fourteen years as Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.